Softball game vs. Boys camp
ok, so I will not be in town for the game on sunday. I am leaving for boys camp on saterday morning. I guess the boys win. The game is this Sunday at6:00 pm. If you are there neat! If not, oh well. Sorry I am such a flaky coach!
ROUS  Isaac McGuire, Thursday, 7-10-08 11:44 PM
re: Softball game vs. Boys camp
Can we get a count for softball? I am in.
ROUS  Katy Brumbelow, Friday, 7-11-08 8:51 AM
re: Softball game vs. Boys camp
I would like to be in. I'm not sure what time I'll get back from dropping off Grant at Boy's Camp. I think I'll be fine, especially if I can get a ride home from the game.
ROUS  Dan Banham, Friday, 7-11-08 4:09 PM
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