I just realized today that Zach and I had snacks today and we completely forgot. I am so sorry and I hope that nobody starved! We will improve, we promise. Google calendar reminders don't work unless you check your e-mail before leaving on vacation!
ROUS  Katy Brumbelow, Monday, 7-28-08 2:38 AM
re: Snacks
You know, you can set it to send text message reminders, too. :-)
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Monday, 7-28-08 11:22 AM
re: Snacks
Not everyone is addicted to text messages.
ROUS  David , Tuesday, 7-29-08 4:11 PM
re: Snacks
nope, we're not. it doesn't invalidate it as an effective means of reminder, though. :-P
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Wednesday, 7-30-08 12:36 AM
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