Luke & Laura: SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE......
Dave took Luke & Laura to the airport on Monday at 3:30 in the morning for their trip to Cabo. When she checked in, the stewardess noticed her Passport was invalid. She told them to go to the Passport Transportation office in Seattle and she would postpone the flight for 24 hours. I was then woken up and began googling online to the Company to get them into an appt. The recorder gave me one time and that was 8:00am. So, they came home from the airport at 4:30, grabbed the mapquest, immediately turned around and drove to Seattle and got there at 7:40am and renewed her passport. It was ready at 2pm that afternoon. They slept at Luke's Uncles 5 minutes away and then drove home. Then Tues at 3:20am we took them to the airport again. It went well. I however, was online, and on the phone from 3:30am-12:00 in the afternoon trying to work with the booking agent, airlines and shuttle to give them an extra day in Cabo! I'm SO tired...It will take several days to re-cooperate. Their first night of their wedding, the hotel in Tigard messed up their reservation and gave them twin beds!! They had to look elsewhere!!! I guess we all have our "wedding stories".
ROUS  Jody DeRosso, Wednesday, 8-20-08 10:41 PM
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