Who's in Bed with the Butler?
Alright, here's the information for the upcoming play I'm in.

It's called Who's in Bed with the Butler? It's a farce.
It runs from September 5th - 28th. Friday and Saturday at 8:00 and Sunday at 2:00. Call the Hart theater at (503) 693-7815 for reservations.

you can get more information about prices and location at the link below.

And one more important addendum. I'm going to give this play a solid PG rating. It is a sexual comedy so there is some verbal innuendo and one use of the B word.

Invite all your friends. We are also holding a raffle for a wine and whatnot gift basket. All raffle proceeds go to the actors.
Link: http://www.hart-theatre.org
ROUS  Lisa Franklin, Saturday, 8-23-08 11:41 AM
re: Who's in Bed with the Butler?
It's worth the money (just ask Dave Bowler)
ROUS  Lisa Franklin, Monday, 9-8-08 7:46 AM
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