American Civics Quiz

What's a little scary: Average performance on this test is about 49%, with minimal differences between married, single, churchgoers, liberals, conservatives, etc. In other words: most people fail, badly.

What's even scarier: While elected officials were not specifically targetted on the nationwide survey which administered this test, there were 164 out of 2508 who had held elected office at least once. Their average score was 44%.

My score, BTW, was 30 out of 33 correct, or a very low "A" at 90.91 %

Link: Civics Quiz
ROUS  Annette Collins, Monday, 11-24-08 11:11 AM
re: American Civics Quiz
100%, though I did have a couple where I had to make some informed guesses. When I completed the quiz, it said the average for test takers in November was 78%.
ROUS  David , Tuesday, 11-25-08 1:43 PM
re: American Civics Quiz
85% (28 correct). And I'm Canadian.
ROUS  Zach Brumbelow, Tuesday, 11-25-08 1:59 PM
re: American Civics Quiz
96.97% according to the test, but I disagree with the test on the one question I supposedly missed...
ROUS  Mark Franklin, Tuesday, 11-25-08 6:58 PM
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