My Honda is all that and a pot of rice too...
read this article about a ford dealership owner who puts down people who buy japanese cars...

having owned three toyotas and a honda, i stand by their quality...
Link: Ford Guy Rant
ROUS  Ben Richards, Thursday, 12-11-08 8:54 AM
re: My Honda is all that and a pot of rice too...
You know, I have great affection for the Toyota company for a number of reasons:

They have for a very long time made good quality vehicles. Neither I nor any of my family or friends have ever had a Toyota that made an even average level of trouble. My old Toyota Tercel served me faithfully and well for about 10 years, with a blessedly low cost of ownership.

Ironically, many of their cars are made in the US (usually the South), with parts made in the Great Lakes region, and some are designed in the US (Ann Arbor). Americans wishing to share in the profits of Toyota can buy their stock (NYSE if I recall).

And, most importantly from my perspective---Toyota doesn't feel compelled to meddle in American politics of cultural warfare---far more than I can say for, for example, Ford. Earning my positive feelings is pretty easy honestly, I tend to like those that fail to annoy me, and Toyota has failed to annoy me for an awfully long time :-)
David C, Thursday, 12-11-08 9:22 AM
re: My Honda is all that and a pot of rice too...
I agree with David.

My Toyota was assembled in Kentucky and my Honda was assembled on the east coast. Toyota and Honda create great products while providing honest, hard working "Americans" (maybe even some rice eaters) with jobs.

Stephanie, Thursday, 12-11-08 11:12 AM
Don't neglect the Nissans, ... but hear hear!..
Ok. But let me just rhrow our Nissan into the mix, which has earned my respect for 8 years of faithful service with very minimal repairs and is still going strong. I don't know where the parts were made (I should do some research), but yes, I quite agree. Surprisingly, if you just make a good quality dependable product, your company's workmanship tends to speak for itself, not requiring the aid of external ranting.

Proverbs 22:29 says it well.
Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will stand before kings; He will not stand before obscure men.
ROUS  Katy Brumbelow, Thursday, 12-11-08 12:08 PM
re: My Honda is all that and a pot of rice too...
hey, i'm an american and i eat rice!
ROUS  Ben Richards, Thursday, 12-11-08 12:40 PM
re: My Honda is all that and a pot of rice too...
but are you *really* an american if you eat rice? c'mon. you should be eating steak, boy! true americans eat STEAK!
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Thursday, 12-11-08 4:46 PM
re: My Honda is all that and a pot of rice too...
Down with BEEF!!!!

Up with CHICKEN!!!
ROUS  Stephanie Richards, Saturday, 12-13-08 10:59 AM
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