Pro Life Rally this Sunday (18th) in PCS
David and I will be attending this rally at 2 pm on Sunday in Pioneer Courthouse Square. This is a kick-off to "Sanctity of Human Life" week. Anybody else interested? It's just an hour long.
Link: Pioneer Courthouse Square rally
ROUS  Annette Collins, Friday, 1-16-09 9:00 AM
re: Pro Life Rally this Sunday (18th) in PCS
Is this the walk? If so, if I can get an extra pair of hands to help I might go...
ROUS  Stephanie Richards, Friday, 1-16-09 7:22 PM
re: Pro Life Rally this Sunday (18th) in PCS
No, this isn't PRC's Steps 4 Life walk-a-thon: that's in May. This is a separate event focused not on fund-raising but awareness raising. I don't know much about the program, speakers, or whatnot, but I think the local Catholic Bishop will be one of them.
David and I plan to drive over to the Beaverton Transit Center after church and take the train downtown (we hate parking down there.)
Annette, Saturday, 1-17-09 6:46 PM
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