Directions to party tomorrow night
Address: 3400 NW John Olsen Place, Hillsboro OR 97124

General directions: it's right down the street from the Spaghetti Factory where we have our Christmas Party.
If you're coming from the east, get off 26 at 185th, take a left, but get into the far right lane as soon as possible.
If you can get over quickly enough, take the first right at Tannesbourne Drive (no light.) Follow it down past Spaghetti Factory and turn right into the CheckFree driveway about 1/2 a mile further.

Otherwise, turn right at the first light, Evergreen. Take it to John Olsen and turn right. Take the next right at Tannesbourne Drive, and then take the first left into the CheckFree driveway.

There are three buildings in the complex: the party is in the low, 1-storey building on the NE side - right against the freeway.
We'll have a door propped open, or you can knock on any of the three entrances.
Annette, Tuesday, 2-17-09 5:31 PM
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