Hey all, if anyone is interested in looking at a potential new location for our church, join us on Friday, March 20 at 2:30m pm. We will be checking out a section of the Cedar Hills Shopping Center, right at the Junction of 217 & Hwy 26. Give me a call if you think you can make it.
ROUS  Dan Banham, Thursday, 3-19-09 8:46 PM
re: Property
Drat! I just read this and could have come...
Stephanie, Friday, 3-20-09 5:50 PM
re: Property
Don't worry: pictures were taken. :)
ROUS  Annette Collins, Friday, 3-20-09 9:05 PM
re: Property
I'm thinking of taking another look at the Cedar Hills Shopping Center property this Saturday afternoon. Would anyone like to join me? Especially you builder-types?
ROUS  Dan Banham, Thursday, 3-26-09 5:09 PM
re: Property
I can come, just let me know the time!
Dave Derosso, Thursday, 3-26-09 8:43 PM
re: Property
Take a look at a possible floor plan I devised. Comments?
Link: floor plan
ROUS  Dan Banham, Wednesday, 4-15-09 2:23 PM
re: Property
How soundproof will the wall between the stage and the kids area be? ;) We may want to consider that when building...
ROUS  Annette Collins, Wednesday, 4-15-09 5:54 PM
re: Property
that looks good! So are we going to have live feed into all three "kids" rooms (ie, youth, kids and nursery)? Just wondering...
Stephanie, Thursday, 4-16-09 4:11 PM
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