Faith Bowen in Newspaper
Go online to the Lake Oswego Review and plug in 'Faith Bowen'. She's in the paper!!! :-)
ROUS  Amy Bowen, Thursday, 3-26-09 5:50 PM
re: Faith Bowen in Newspaper
That is such a wonderful story! You must be proud of her. Congratulations Faith!
Jody, Thursday, 3-26-09 8:40 PM
re: Faith Bowen in Newspaper
Very cool - here is the link:

Link: Faith Bowen Newpaper Link
Richard, Friday, 3-27-09 9:33 AM
re: Faith Bowen in Newspaper
Gawrsh, That one brings a tear to my eye.

Thats got to be the stuff Jesus was taking about when he said you have to have be like one of these little ones.
Debbie, Friday, 3-27-09 10:12 AM
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