Photos of potential new location online
For those of you who have been unable to visit the potential Cedar Hills mall location, here are some snapshots. They can't tell the whole story, but you should be able to get a feel for the space.
Link: Cedar Hills property
ROUS  Annette Collins, Friday, 4-3-09 1:49 PM
re: Photos of potential new location online
Thank you, Annette. Excellent work. I would love to make arrangements to show the place to anyone and everyone. I want this to be a very "Quaker" decision. You know, consensus, making sure we hear from the Lord, and all that . . .
ROUS  Dan Banham, Friday, 4-3-09 3:40 PM
re: Photos of potential new location online
Thanks to December and Mom for taking the pictures: I didn't even unship my camera! :)
Seems to me the place has some good potential if we all pull together to reconfigure and redecorate - assuming we can reach an agreement with the owner to make the price right. But I agree we should all be in on this decision. Much as we need a new location, we really don't want the Wrong new location!
ROUS  Annette Collins, Saturday, 4-4-09 9:24 PM
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