Website Updates
Hi all,
With time on my hands at last, I've been doing some work on the website. Most of it isn't terribly obvious, although the truly observant may notice that their whole names in addition to signon IDs appear in the footer when logged on. Also, the randomized headline on the home page has been restored, and several photo albums now appear on the "People" page.
I also Think I restored the ability to post YouTube videos and Picasa slide shows directly to the discussion boards. If you see "Terminator Jesus" below, then it worked. :)

Finally, I've done a lot of admin work on the directory making it easier for me and other admins to add and update people. Everyone with a username and password should also be able to edit their own record. Please let me know if, when viewing the directory, you do not see an "Edit Record" link under your picture. It would also be great if everyone would review their household details and make any changes necessary. (Remember, you can also edit your user name and password using the "My Profile" link below.)
If you are Not in the directory, I want your picture and details. Please come see me Sunday!
Also you can always ask me if you've forgotten your user ID or password, or have never received one in the first place. Just use the "webmaster" address below!

ROUS  Annette Collins, Thursday, 4-16-09 12:50 PM
re: Website Updates
It Works.
Debbie Day, Thursday, 4-16-09 1:37 PM
re: Website Updates
Having trouble with the directory according to Stephanie and Shelly. I will get this fixed sometime tomorrow.
Annette, Thursday, 4-16-09 9:03 PM
Coming Soon: Website Layout 2.0
We've had the same yellow / orange layout on this site for nearly five years, and I think it's time for a change.
Coming very shortly - possibly as early as Monday - the website will look like the link below.
Speak now or forever hold your peace! ;) (No, seriously: feedback is welcome.)

PS: Couple of minor things. The orange coffee cup will turn green, and there may be some minor tweaks to link colors and other stuff to make things more visible.
Link: New Website Layout
ROUS  Annette Collins, Saturday, 4-18-09 8:41 AM
Website updates comments
I like the pictures at the top and am definitely an advocate for green but... well... not so much a fan of the baby poop green parts of the page.
ROUS  Lisa Franklin, Saturday, 4-18-09 9:21 AM
re: Website Updates
I'm with Lisa on the green color. Would prefer a different shade. Perhaps would refer to it as pea soup green, though.
ROUS  Dan Banham, Saturday, 4-18-09 12:51 PM
re: Website Updates
Not 100% sure which green is being objected to, although I am more than happy to tweak. I did just do some tweaks: is the result any better? If not, which text is in the undesirable color?
ROUS  Annette Collins, Saturday, 4-18-09 2:55 PM
re: Website Updates
The text is okay. The background of recent posts and the menu on the left of the page are the offending color.
ROUS  Lisa Franklin, Saturday, 4-18-09 8:22 PM
re: Website Updates
OK, so looks like all of the greens are being objected to. Dan didn't like the other ones! ;)
Let's see if anyone cares enough to vote voice consensus.
Here are two options

ROUS  Annette Collins, Monday, 4-20-09 12:09 PM
re: Website Updates
ROUS  Amy Bowen, Monday, 4-20-09 2:09 PM
re: Website Updates
I like the 2nd one also.
Jody, Wednesday, 4-22-09 12:36 PM
re: Website Updates
Hey great job Annette! I was pleasantly surprised by the new look.

Rock On!
ROUS  Debbie Day, Wednesday, 4-22-09 2:49 PM
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