I have, to the best of my ability, decoded the master Mayhem schedule and posted it to the calendar.
Please note the following:
1) The details are hidden in the Sunday Service events. Click the "Sunday Service" event on any given date to see these details.
Unfortunately, all of the carriage returns are eliminated in this view, so it's sort of hard to read. If you click the "More Details" link on the pop-up, you'll get a more readable presentation on a new page / tab.
2) I could not figure out who was in charge of teaching this Sunday (5/3). I think it is Dan.
3) Nobody volunteered for snacks on the 3rd, 24th, or 31st.
4) Nobody volunteered for kids on the 24th or the 31st.
5) For extra fun, please wear shorts and T-shirts on the 17th, but go all out with suits & ties on the 24th. (Trust us, it will all make sense!)
6) Jody and Dave D have volunteered to host a "parent's night," where they'll watch kids for 2-3 hours in the evening. There is no date set yet. I'll add it to the calendar when it is.
7) Stephanie R would like to host drama practice on 5/6

Go ahead and respond to this message if you want to be involved. There are plenty of snacks and kids slots open, and you can also get involved in drama or music if you're interested.

Oh, and if you're signed up for PowerPoint, download the song master at the link below. Fair warning: it's about 80 megs. Don't try it from a dial-up!
Link: PowerPoint Song Master
ROUS  Annette Collins, Monday, 4-27-09 10:18 AM
Team one has a plan for snacks this Sunday.
ROUS  Lisa Franklin, Tuesday, 4-28-09 6:53 AM
Lisa - you were posting WAY TOO EARLY this morning.
Stephanie, Tuesday, 4-28-09 1:18 PM
I assume Lisa was posting because she was still up from last night. At least, that's the only excuse I can think of for being awake at that time. *chuckle*

I'd like to add my hearty endorsement to Annette's suggestion that everybody be suit and tie or equivalent on the 24th.
David, Wednesday, 4-29-09 1:56 PM
Having taken a look at the descriptions of sign-ups, I noticed something a bit concerning - "guests" for some of the items. The implication I took away from reading this is that regular people will be still involved, which seems like it's not very Mayhem-ish. And I thought the snack teams weren't permitted to have anything to do with snacks for the entire month...
David, Wednesday, 4-29-09 2:01 PM
Yeah. The issue is that a number of people weren't present to volunteer for many of the opportunities. So, rather than leave holes in the schedule and risk not having food at all (God forbid!), we made sure these necessities were covered. There you have it.
ROUS  Dan Banham, Wednesday, 4-29-09 2:14 PM
Oh, I thought Dave was volunteering to be in charge of food himself next Sunday. I mean, if we need to keep the normal snack team out of it, that would be the most logical way! :)
Annette, Wednesday, 4-29-09 2:59 PM
I'll have everyone know I get up at 6:00am five days a week to work. Kindergarten is arduous.
ROUS  Lisa Franklin, Wednesday, 4-29-09 3:43 PM
This conversation is very appropriately titled on several levels. You make me laugh.
Katy, Thursday, 4-30-09 11:59 AM
I'm just excited because we are having toast for our snacks on Sunday. It would be even more exciting if there was sort of meat product with it. Other than Spam or Vienna sausages, I mean.
Link: Spam
ROUS  Dan Banham, Thursday, 4-30-09 2:48 PM
ROUS  Lisa Franklin, Thursday, 4-30-09 7:07 PM
Actually - it's "Yeah Toast!!"
Stephanie, Thursday, 4-30-09 11:02 PM
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