Fixed non-logged-on posting problem
I just noticed that posts from non-logged in users were not showing up in some of the discussions. Katy and Alyssa both tried to respond to the personality test or parent's night out threads, and their posts disappeared. I fixed it. I'd go into great detail about how unnecessarily difficult it is to write a simple "left join" statement in Access SQL syntax, and how after searching multiple forums and trying a zillion different combos I finally had to use the visual query builder tool in Access itself and then copy the generated code... but then everyone's eyes would glaze over and I would have wasted my breath. So I'll just reiterate that I fixed it.
You really *don't* have to be signed in to post to a forum. You might be temporarily gray-listed if your IP is new to the site, but you can actually post. Really. ;)
ROUS  Annette Collins, Friday, 6-5-09 1:37 PM
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