Chris Miller's baseball games
In case anyone is interested, the honor team that Chris is on has a tournament this weekend. The field is on SE 72nd and Harney, which I'm told is located between Foster and Johnson Creek. He has a game this Friday at 6 pm and one this Saturday at 10 am.
ROUS  Doug Miller, Tuesday, 6-23-09 9:23 PM
re: Chris Miller's baseball games
Chris and I just rode by the field, and if you're planning on coming to one of his games, you should know that there is a field at 72nd and Harney and one at 70th and Harney. The two fields are within walking distance of each other. His uniform is black and says "Centennial" on the front. His team will be on one of those fields at 6 pm on Friday and 10 am on Saturday.
ROUS  Doug Miller, Thursday, 6-25-09 4:40 PM
re: Chris Miller's baseball games
Sorry we missed it but I hope it went well!

Go Centennials!!!!
Stephanie, Monday, 6-29-09 3:30 PM
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