Poison Gas = Life Saver
An interesting article on CNN.com. The last line got me...

"I turn off the heartbeat so they are clinically dead. But I can bring them back. So they must not have been dead after all".

Just curious if anyone has any thoughts on this. Somehow I was horrified but at the same time excited about the possiblities this could have for saving lives. And yet, something in me pauses and thinks, does this have eternal consequences?
Link: Suspended Death
ROUS  Stephanie Richards, Thursday, 10-15-09 10:34 PM
re: Poison Gas = Life Saver
Interesting! Couple of days ago I heard an interview with a surgeon who'd investigated a number of instances in which apparently dead individuals who had (accidentally) become extremely cold came "back to life." I don't recall all of the details, but in addition there were a number of examples where patients diagnosed to be in a "persistent vegetative state" or even some who were technically brain dead (no electrical activity in the brain) came back to life and were able to describe things that had happened in the room while they were "dead," and even one woman in a deep coma who - when asked to think about her favorite sport of tennis while in an MRI machine - had the mechanical areas of her brain light up. It's pretty clear that even in 2009 we have a less than perfect understanding of death itself, let alone comas, vegetative states, and etc. Really makes you think about pulling the plug, doesn't it?
As to eternal consequences... I think one way to look at it is that God is the final arbiter of the end of life just as he is of the beginning. I don't expect that someone who's time has come, so to speak, is going to be brought back to life via the poison gas method, the deep cold method, or any other. God will worry about when to take the soul from the body - I don't think we're going to have to worry about re-animating soulless zombies or anything. ;] But clearly if it isn't time for eternity, the simple lack of a heartbeat or even brain activity is not going to stand in God's way either!
Annette, Friday, 10-16-09 3:56 PM
re: Poison Gas = Life Saver
Annette - you are so cool. I love the way you think! Consider my spirit at ease :-)
Stephanie, Friday, 10-16-09 10:10 PM
re: Poison Gas = Life Saver
I agree with Annette. It's funny how scientists and doctors try to pretend to play God and "break the rules" of life and death by cloning, suspended animation, etc. In then end God has the final say regardless of the situation. I do like the possibilities of what the poison gas study will have on trauma victims and organ donations, very exciting stuff.
ROUS  Ben Richards, Monday, 10-19-09 6:37 PM
re: Poison Gas = Life Saver
And I bet Sarah is excited about the zombie possibilities...
David, Monday, 10-19-09 9:36 PM
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