Blanket Drive....
Been thinking about homeless people and what they really need to survive and Blankets are great but sleeping bags are much better if they are tempature rated for Oregon's weather. They fold up better and are less cumbersome to haul around with all thier other belongings. I know it may be much to ask when donating such items but this is what they really need. Tarps are good too, not too big though. This is just my thoughts here tonight as I listen to the rain. Thanks Guys.
ROUS  Jim Allen, Tuesday, 12-15-09 2:03 PM
re: Blanket Drive....
Thanks, Jim. I would love to see some sleeping bags and tarps and maybe jackets with hoods on that back table. I think that City's Edge can come strong. We are the church that has stuff!
ROUS  Katy Brumbelow, Tuesday, 12-15-09 9:50 PM
re: Blanket Drive....
Did you say you needed people to drive all the goods... some place?
ROUS  Lisa Franklin, Thursday, 12-17-09 11:57 AM
re: Blanket Drive....
I think this will be a group decision on where to take items but I was thinking about Salvation Army Downtown, Outside-in and Greenhouse maybe. We might need a driver Lisa. Will get back to you on this. Thanks.
ROUS  Jim Allen, Friday, 12-18-09 11:41 AM
re: Blanket Drive....
But first we need people to bring blankets... ;)
Katy, Tuesday, 12-22-09 5:13 PM
re: Blanket Drive....
Don't have a blanket? Buy a sleeping bag to donate. They are on sale at Big 5 for only $15. For that price why not get two?
ROUS  Beth Banham, Monday, 1-4-10 12:27 AM
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