OK, so I know we most of us (self included) skip over those long dry lists of geneologies in the Bible as quickly as possible. This year, however, I am reading a "Synoptic" Bible in which the text appears in chronological order. Therefore, Matthew's and Luke's geneologies of Jesus appear right next to eachother. I'd noticed before that the lists were pretty different, but never before how widely divergent they actually are. By the english wording, they both appear to be for Joseph, but if that's really true, he either had two fathers, or everyone in his family right back to the kings had some pretty significant nick-names!

Anyone got a clear explanation for this? I thought I once heard that one geneology (Luke's?) was actually of Mary, but again, this isn't exactly stated in the text!

(References: Matthew's
and Luke's)
ROUS  Annette Collins, Tuesday, 9-30-03 3:52 PM
Good question
Yeah, one geneology is for Mary and one is for Joseph. According to Norman Geisler and Thomas Howe in their book When Critics Ask, "Matthew gives the official line, since he addresses Jesus' genealogy to Jewish concerns for the Jewish Messiah's credentials which required that Messiah come from the seed of Abraham and the line of David (cf. Matt. 1:1). Luke, with a broader Greek audience in view, addresses himself to their interest in Jesus as the Perfect Man (which was the quest of Greek thought). Thus, he traces Jesus to the first man, Adam....(H)e traces Christ to David's son, Nathan, through his actual mother, Mary, through whom He can rightfully claim to be fully human, the redeemer of humanity."
ROUS  Doug Miller, Sunday, 10-5-03 12:27 AM
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