Feminism Makes People Unhappy?
Ah, the trouble with rising expectations...
Couple of excerpts:

Feminist ideals, not domestic duties, seem to be what make wives morose. Progressive married women—who should be enjoying some or all of the fruits that Freidan lobbied for—are less happy, it would appear, than women who live as if Friedan never existed.


Studies of evangelical wives who have to work for financial reasons show that, as rigid as gender roles are in their community, women are fairly adept at being what sociologist Sally Gallagher calls "pragmatically egalitarian." That is, they continue to be happy with the division of labor, and to see their husbands as providers, even though they'd prefer to be at home. It's a kind of utilitarian double-think, Gallagher and others argue—and it helps explain why traditionalist women who work might consider themselves happier than feminists who are still struggling to feel secure in their decisions.

Link: Desperate Feminist Wives
ROUS  Annette Collins, Monday, 3-13-06 9:25 AM
re: Feminism Makes People Unhappy?
They real key in this article:
"Meanwhile, traditionalist women—a significant portion of whom are Christian—expect less emotional work from their husbands"
ROUS  David , Monday, 3-13-06 10:48 AM
re: Feminism Makes People Unhappy?
Are you suggesting that Christian / Traditionalist women have more realistic expectations about their husbands' emotional potential? Hmmm...

Or, might another explanation be that Christian women at least are more likely to be members of warm, deep, and functional communities that are able to take up some of the emotional slack?

ROUS  Annette Collins, Monday, 3-13-06 11:28 AM
re: Feminism Makes People Unhappy?
Who cares about the reasons? I just found a way to be lower on the emotional scale.
David, Monday, 3-13-06 4:51 PM
re: Feminism Makes People Unhappy?
Or perhaps because husbands that have Christian wives that are more likely to respect them - therefore enabling them to better to love their wives thus decreasing their chances for unhappiness?

I remember something about this from that big book Dan reads...wives respect your husbands, husbands love your wives...the name Paul is coming to mind for some reason
Steph, Wednesday, 3-22-06 5:23 PM
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