One Year Without Shopping
This article, which briefly chronicles the experience of a couple who voluntarily went one year without shopping for "non-necessities" caught my eye because I chose to give up shopping for Lent this year. Lent isn't something I've ever carefully observed, but it was the excuse I needed this spring to re-examine my spending habits. I haven't defined my limitations of even this 40 day period as stringently as the people in this article: I've not included "consumable entertainment" (museums, movies, movie rentals) or dining. My goal is to limit my "acquisition of crap" - especially impulse buys from the Dollar Tree, the scrapbooking section, and the clothing clearance racks. And it's kinda hard. I'm not having withdrawl symptoms or anything, but it is amazing how much time is spent shopping, and how hard it is to say "No, not buying any books today" or "No, I'm not replacing this aging and ill-fitting shirt just yet."

Anyone else ever tried anything like this?
Link: The year of spending stingily
ROUS  Annette Collins, Monday, 3-27-06 12:40 PM
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