Quaker Perspective on Islam
I just read this whole thing and therefore haven't time to comment at length on it - also, I'm not quite sure exactly what my comment would be. I find myself torn: on the one hand, in deep agreement about the validity, the preference for, and the practice of coming to a true understanding of and learning to love our "enemies," but on the other hand just as deeply concerned with the fact that the loudest advocates of such a strategy don't seem to claim the same sort of unambiguous, absolutist, "Jesus is the Only Way" Christianity that I do. Their end-goal is unclear: Is it to prevent war on earth, or is it to prevent war between individuals and God?

Anyway, I would love it if several of us read and absorbed what the author of this article has to say - perhaps for verbal discussion at a later date if not in this forumn.
Link: Ramadan: A Quaker Perspective
ROUS  Annette Collins, Friday, 7-28-06 2:49 PM
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