An Impossible God
Hey. I posted an article on the semi-study group website (it's a group from my past...) I hope you enjoy it. It's message 337 - if you can't find it.
Link: An Impossible God - Message 337
Katy, Tuesday, 9-19-06 12:39 PM
re: An Impossible God
Everybody read this.
ROUS  Annette Collins, Tuesday, 9-19-06 6:04 PM
re: An Impossible God
I revised the message so that it has less errors. Sorry, those of you who know my perfectionistic tendencies will have grace to understand. And those of you who like to read things without errors will find it easier to read. It is now message 340 - not 337. Please be advised.
Link: An Impossible God
Katy, Friday, 9-22-06 5:30 AM
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