Dropoff in Confession
Catholic or not, I thought (some of) the issues raised in this secular article were interesting and worth consideration.
Link: The Sin Box
ROUS  Annette Collins, Tuesday, 10-3-06 3:54 PM
re: Dropoff in Confession
That's too bad. I've no desire to see Catholics become effectively mainline Protestants with a few weird rituals---I'd rather they stay fervently Catholic.
I honestly didn't know that confession had such a low percentage of the members of the Catholic communion practicing it.
The case for confession from scripture (albeit not necessarily in the precise ritual that its conducted in) is pretty strong.
Here's an odd question---is it a breach of Catholic doctrine or discipline to render the sacrament of confession to non-Catholics?
David C, Tuesday, 10-3-06 5:40 PM
re: Dropoff in Confession
Not knowing what the special rules of Catholocism are, I have to answer as a Protestant and say this: Is it wrong for us to pray with people who are not confessed Christians? I'd say no to both because if its a good thing for me then its a good thing for them. That's just my two cents one cent, for the shortened version.
Christina, Tuesday, 11-28-06 1:54 PM
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