Rise of Atheism?
Article mentions several "new" books by or for atheists and wonders if there is a revival of sorts going on. (irony intended)
A couple of religious leaders are quoted in the second half, though, and I thought what they had to say was interesting.

"These books cause no new thought or moral commitment. The arguments are centuries old," he told Reuters. Some believers, he [Rev. James Halstead] added, "are no better. Their conception of God, the Divine-Human-World relationship are much too simplistic and materialistic."

[Dr. Timothy] Larsen, author of the soon-to-be-published "Crisis of Doubt," added that in some sense atheism is "a disappointment with God and with the church. Some of these are people we wounded that we should be handling pastorally rather than with aggressive knockdown debate."

Link: Atheism Finds a Market
Annette, Wednesday, 10-18-06 8:58 AM
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