Dobson's visit to PDX
Anyone else read the Oregonian article about Dobson's visit?
I found it especially interesting to note how the article described Dobson. The headline called him an "Evangelist," and the body labled him
"...James Dobson, an evangelist and popular radio talk show host..."
In fact, he is neither an evangelist or - technically - a radio talk show host, at least not in the way Rush Limbaugh is a talk show host. His radio program is typically made up of interviews and commentary, but has no call-in portion.
He would be more accurately described as a psycholgist, author, and speaker. You could even call him a "controversial conservative activist" without being too far off base - but he really isn't an evangelist.
Anyway, depending on your tendancy towards conspiracy theories, you can interpret such things as an unreasonable lack of bias with an underlying intent stereotyping the speaker and thereby marginalizing his message, or simply inadequate research. Either way it's interesting.
Link: Dobson's Visit
ROUS  Annette Collins, Tuesday, 4-6-04 12:35 PM
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