Embryonic Stem Cells w/o the Embryo
Article details recent breakthrough in stem cell research: scientists have managed to transform skin cells into embryonic stem cells w/o having to create or destroy an embryo.
The cells have the added benefit of being genetically identical to the source cells, a feat previously only possibly by means of cloning an embryo.
I wonder if this will quiet the debate over stem cell research? This new method appears to be "ethically uncomplicated," to quote one of the article's sources.
But I admit I sometimes got the impression that stem cell research was only popular with pro-choice scientists and law makers *because of* rather than in spite of the ethical mine field. It was as if they wanted desperately some amazing cure for Alzheimer's to come out of stem cell research purely because it would upset pro-lifers, and hopefully bring about public acceptance of the willy-nilly creation and destruction of embryos for our own purposes.
Link: Stem Cells w/o Embryos
ROUS  Annette Collins, Tuesday, 11-20-07 2:21 PM
re: Embryonic Stem Cells w/o the Embryo
I totally agree. In fact, there is a lot of evidence that adult cells have been more effective then stem cells in practical use. Those results have been largely un-publicized, I'm sure, for just that reason.
Any scientific reason to put down Christianity is well received it seems.

ROUS  Debbie Day, Thursday, 11-22-07 1:40 PM
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