What are You Pastor Of?
This has come up 2-3 times lately at dinners and whatnot. We'd like to give everyone - and I do mean *everyone* an offical title containing the word "Pastor." This is well in keeping with olde-time Quaker theology which stresses the "priesthood of all believers," not to mention more modern teachings which discourage distinctions between leadership and layity. So, we want to find out: what are *you* pastor of?
Kyle's already been handed the Youth Pastorship, so he's taken care of.
I've been told that I am the "Pastor of Online Evangelism."
Stephanie and Kim, I don't quite remember what your official titles were going to be. Something like "Pastors of Integration and Assimilation." Correct me if I am wrong.
The rest of you, please comment. What do you want your title to be? And what titles would you like to suggest for others?
ROUS  Annette Collins, Friday, 1-14-05 3:05 PM
Anonymous Gifts of Pastoralship
I am Pastor of Gum giving in the church- it's my gift to the rest of the believers, talk about that at your next dinner!
Anonymous, Sunday, 1-16-05 11:04 PM
What are you Pastor Of?
Bringing this back up to the top so people will see and respond.

Stephanie, what were you and Kim gonna be Pastor of again?

And anyone object to Mark as "Pastor to Geeks and other Deep Thinkers?"
ROUS  Annette Collins, Tuesday, 1-18-05 3:17 PM
re: What are You Pastor Of?
I'm fine with giving Mark the geeks, but he shouldn't get deep thinkers as well.
ROUS  David , Monday, 1-24-05 4:11 PM
re: What are You Pastor Of?
So, do you want the deep thinkers? I was thinking something more along the line of "Pastor of Question Naziism," although that might not be politically correct enough to fly. We could make it sound Quaker and call you the "Pastor of Queries." :)
I mean, otherwise you'd have to be pastor of Sunday Evening Food, Swords, and U2. Which is sort of a mouthfull. :)
Annette, Monday, 1-24-05 6:01 PM
re: What are You Pastor Of?
I think he should be the Pastor of Pants... today is national Opposite Day, so now's our chance to give Dave a completely inappropriate title ;)
Tauna, Tuesday, 1-25-05 9:00 AM
re: What are You Pastor Of?
I'm not saying what I should be pastor of, though I highly question the assertion that I should be pastor of pants. On the other hand, if I was pastor of pants, would that give me authority over pants? Could I ban them?
David, Tuesday, 2-1-05 4:22 PM
re: What are You Pastor Of?
No Dave... you have to minister to them. Duh!
Tauna, Tuesday, 2-1-05 8:47 PM
re: What are You Pastor Of?
I could guide them into removing the sinful lower half? Transforming them from pants into shorts?
David, Wednesday, 2-2-05 12:21 PM
re: What are You Pastor Of?
Dave said he wants to be the Pastor of Ambiguity.
I could be the Pastor of Image Transference, (photography) or if someone can come up with a better title.
ben, Friday, 3-18-05 9:17 AM
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