Danial's Wednesday night discussion
The following is from a listserv I am currently on (not my own thoughts) and seemed to tie in with Danial's topic from Wed. night about what Christians are doing to set themselves apart from the world, just substitute "Christian" for the "Quaker" and I think it will be relevant:
First, I've been thinking for a while and hearing from other Quakers (especially young adults) that it's great that we have an amazing heritage, but what are WE doing? Are we living up to the heritage that we gain so much pride from? I think the reason that the earlier Quakers were so amazing is that they were truly listening to God and working together to follow the leadings of the Spirit, even when that was really hard and countercultural. What are we doing that equates to that? I think the original question in this string was really important, because it said something about the fact that most Quakers today aren't often being jailed for their beliefs. Sure, perhaps the time for going to jail for our beliefs is over, but I don't think the whole culture we live in is perfect! What are we doing that's countercultural--not just for the sake of being countercultural, but because it's what we're called to?
Sarah, Thursday, 4-28-05 7:01 PM
re: Danial's Wednesday night discussion
Hey Sarah,
I read your posting and stupid me, wasn't quite sure of what it meant. I hope that my discussion didn't offend you or anyone else. Can you explain to me what is the Quaker's heritage? And what's a list serv? And what's the meaning of life? (Just Joking). Please use small words and speak slowly when talking to me and eventually I'll get it. Also I would like you or anybody else who reads this to check out a new ministry website that a friend and I recently started. Thanks for the post.

P.S. Thanks for spelling my name right!

Link: http://lovinfellowship.com
Danial, Monday, 5-2-05 9:08 PM
re: Danial's Wednesday night discussion
> And what's a list serv?
A listserv is basically an e-mail list, generally set up so anyone subscribed can send mail to one address and the mail will be sent to everyone else who has subscribed.

> And what's the meaning of life?
Hasn't anyone gone over this with you? It's 42.
David, Tuesday, 5-3-05 12:59 PM
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