Anyone have any opinions on HB3476
Ok, now I know I'm probably the biggest political junky here, so this might be well under everyone else's radar (or interest), but I was just wondering if there are any opinions on HB3476, regarding reciprocal benefits for those prohibited from marrying.
Link: HB3476
Mark, Sunday, 5-29-05 10:27 AM
re: Anyone have any opinions on HB3476
Isn't this just "Civil Unions" without that loaded title?

Part of me has trouble screaming and yelling about such things. Certainly there is a slippery slope argument to be made, but it really seems to me that if they want to make it possible for pretty much any two people to have a legally binding relationship with one another, more power to 'em. The bill explicity states that the "reciprocal beneficiary relationship" will not entitle "related" parties to receive life, health, or other employment-related benefits. It does not seem to mean much - I presume it has a little more meaning in the areas of property or end-of-life care or something like that.

But maybe I just don't see where the real "teeth" are in this bill.
ROUS  Annette Collins, Monday, 5-30-05 10:50 AM
re: Anyone have any opinions on HB3476
actually the whole point is that is has (almost) no effect. As opposed to SB1000, which does. It seems to be an attempt to sabotage SB1000 without actually doing anything. Maybe.

It's a sticky subject for me, which is why I posted it.
Mark, Thursday, 6-2-05 6:46 PM
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