more headlines on sexuality
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ben, Wednesday, 7-13-05 2:09 PM
re: more headlines on sexuality
the article is arguing the topic of whether homosexuality is natural or chosen.
ben, Wednesday, 7-13-05 2:12 PM
re: more headlines on sexuality
here is an interesting article on the subject . . .
Dan, Wednesday, 7-13-05 5:58 PM
re: more headlines on sexuality
Couple of things that leap out at me:
(1) Ben's article starts out with this: “‘God loves you, but — ’” he was saying. “That is not unconditional love.”

I think that is So indicative of what society at large is teaching us to believe: in order to actually love someone, you must unequivocably accept and preferably embrace every aspect of that person's character, lifestyle, and belief system.

Well, this is silly, because the opposite is so clearly true. Real love wants you to be a whole person. It does not shrink back from correcting, instructing and exhorting merely because it might hurt your feelings in the short term . Is it "unconditional love" to never discipline a child? Jesus was not shy about telling people to "go and sin no more." And clearly his love was as unconditional as it gets.
(Now, as to whether or not us Christians are showing unconditional love when we obsess about homosexuality or any other "sin du jur" is a different question. But my point remains.)

(2) Dan's article makes it clear that there is something far short of consensus in the scientific community regarding genetic links to homosexuality. This is one of those statements that gets repeated so often that people figure it's got to be true, regardless of acutal evidence. But my take on that is, even *if* there's a genetic component for homosexual tendancies, so what? Does that actually make it less wrong? If someone has a genetic predisposition towards homocidal mania, does that mean we should accept that person's lifestyle as "a valid and healthy choice?"
We all have a predisposition (genetic or otherwise - it doesn't matter) for Sin. That's part of the curse! That's human nature! And that's what's supposed to be replaced and redeemed when we accept Christ.

OK, 'nuff ranting.
Annette, Thursday, 7-14-05 8:44 AM
re: more headlines on sexuality
Annette makes some excellent points. This is where I have always felt torn. She said whether or not they have a genetic predisposition to homosexuality does not make it any less wrong. I have read stories of homosexuals who go to be "cured" of their sin through religious programs and retraining. Some are even successful. My inner conflict arises when someone recognizes their sin, tries to face it, and cannot overcome it despite valiant attempts to do so. I suppose that is the obvious reason for the situation I am in right now in my marriage. I want so badly to see that good person get out of the sinner's body, somehow finding redemption. I know it is possible, I just don't understand why some are more easily reached than others. Why do some succeed and others fail with the same amount of effort? I guess I will answer my own question. It is the state of their heart and commitment to God and themselves. Anyhow, I apologize for the rant, I am processing as I go (obviously). :)
ROUS  , Thursday, 7-14-05 11:45 AM
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