What they *like* about Christians
I highly encourage at least a scan of this article. It is from a "free thinker" (read: atheist) website, but the editor has an interesting twist: he solicited both sides of the debate to say only nice things about eachother.
The results are pretty encouraging, I think.
Here's an excerpt from one commentor:
Humility Christians are extremely humble (with a few exceptions). I often test this to see just how humble they truly are and I must say some of them put up the image that they are less than dirt. I wish I had even just 1/10 of this humility. Even my friend Devin who is like me in all aspects of intelligence other than my slightly better memory and our world views (he is Christian). Whenever he does great on a test his first notion is that 'God was with him'. This used to annoy me because I thought he would think the same about me when I did great, but when I do very well he just says, "That is to be expected with a genius". He might 'think' God is helping me but he respects me enough not to show it.

Praise Christians are just so skillful in praising others, mainly because they get so much practice with their one and only. When a Christian is giving me praise I can always tell that the person is a Christian. I sure wish I was even half as good at doing this.

Music I know this has been previously mentioned, but I just can't leave it out of my post. I am an Atheist yet I listen to Collective soul (a Christian band though they sign with big time record labels). Why would an Atheist like me listen to that music? It's great, that's why. Don't believe me? Download the song December by Collective Soul and be amazed. I don't listen to fundy music of course! Than there is the AWESOMELY UNITING gospel music, I don't care what anyone says, that music is simply amazing.

Charity I am not speaking of the televangelists here, but instead of the general Christian public. They are very charitable. My good friend Kamella (pronounced Camilla) seems to be UNWILLING to allow me to go without food at school for even a day. If I don't have any money, she practically forces me to take some of hers. I deeply respect her and as such I hate taking money from her so as a result I make it a personal effort to bring a lunch or money to school every day.

Unity Christian world views and politics vary just as much if not moreso than those of Freethinkers. Yet it seems that they all stick together regardless. Some Christians believe in determinism while others hold that free will exists, both embrace and defend each other. If an Atheist came in to our forums supporting Bush, I don't even want to imagine the result! In America, the only reason slaves were unable to rebel effectively was a lack of unification and organization. Not that Freethinkers should rebel but it sure would be nice to be unified and organized.

Link: Unholy Allies
Annette, Wednesday, 12-14-05 10:14 AM
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