Church Tattoos
Looks like someone beat us to tattooing at church...time to step it up folks...

On a side note - does anyone know what the pastor is referencing with "markings on Jesus"?
Link: Church Tattoo
ROUS  Stephanie Richards, Tuesday, 11-24-09 1:36 PM
re: Church Tattoos
It's a reference to Revelation 19:16.
Mark, Tuesday, 11-24-09 4:32 PM
re: Church Tattoos
It definitely gives an opening to talk about the lord.
jody, Wednesday, 11-25-09 4:59 PM
re: Church Tattoos
We still have a chance to do something cool. The tattoos this church is doing are very random. We can still come up with a City's Edge tattoo that identifies us with Christ and our church. I'll get one if 20 people do it before me. It has to be identical tattoos designed specifically for City's Edge. I'll happily be # 21 do it however I want to determine its place and size on my body. I like the arm thing that Aaron did for me at the retreat.
ROUS  Beth Banham, Saturday, 11-28-09 12:35 AM
re: Church Tattoos
I've said for years that I'll get the City's Edge tattoo right after Richard and Kathy. So maybe I'll be #3.
David, Tuesday, 12-1-09 2:24 PM
re: Church Tattoos
well I'll be #1 and I'll bet my beautiful bride her majesty Ms Kelly would do it also. So.... make it happen
ROUS  Russ Noyes, Wednesday, 12-2-09 9:57 AM
re: Church Tattoos
I'll do one too!
jody, Wednesday, 12-2-09 2:08 PM
re: Church Tattoos
Jason and Amy are in!!!!!
ROUS  Amy Bowen, Wednesday, 12-2-09 2:23 PM
re: Church Tattoos
Yeah, I'm going to say I'm a little uncomfortable with this idea. If I were the kind of person to get a tattoo (which I'm not) I'd be more inclined to get something reflecting my relationship with Christ that my church affiliation. It feels a little cultish to me.
ROUS  Lisa Franklin, Wednesday, 12-2-09 7:35 PM
re: Church Tattoos
Lisa, you're a bit right.... but I'll encourage anything that gets Richard and Kathy to have tattoos.
David, Thursday, 12-3-09 4:32 PM
re: Church Tattoos
If you drinking carbonated coffee got the Nelson's tattooed....?
ROUS  Mark Franklin, Thursday, 12-3-09 5:14 PM
re: Church Tattoos
I'll play!
Stephanie, Thursday, 12-3-09 10:16 PM
re: Church Tattoos
ROUS  Katy Brumbelow, Friday, 12-4-09 10:39 AM
re: Church Tattoos
Mark, it would be a question of how much carbonated coffee it would take to get them tattooed. It might be possible to come to an agreement.
David, Friday, 12-4-09 10:46 AM
re: Church Tattoos
I'm with Lisa, this is possibly the weirdest thread ever.
ROUS  Zach Brumbelow, Friday, 12-4-09 1:10 PM
re: Church Tattoos
Dave, I'm shocked at you. I was under the impression that coffee drinking was a moral stance for you.

And Zach, it may have just begun!
Link: tattoo possibilities
ROUS  Mark Franklin, Friday, 12-4-09 5:08 PM
re: Church Tattoos
I'm thinking this would fit across my knuckles. Like a one-two punch. Kidding. Would like more info. Is this going to get us on the news?
ROUS  Jim Allen, Saturday, 12-5-09 1:05 PM
re: Church Tattoos
Mel said to remind you all that tattoos and caffeine are a bad combination. Jittery tat artist or recipient can lend to blurry or misinterpreted results. Baaaaad verrry baad!
ROUS  Debbie Day, Sunday, 12-6-09 11:25 PM
re: Church Tattoos
I am just pleased that I kicked off the weirdest thread ever!
Stephanie, Monday, 12-7-09 11:05 PM
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