March - Caffine Awareness Month

A Portland cafe is highlighted:

Stumptown Coffee Roasters
Portland, Ore.

"This fairly new company's coffee is superb," Davids says. "They're extremely serious: They serve coffee in French presses only." They buy prize-winning beans and "treat coffee like wine." Stumptown is representative of "a new wave of young people who entered the business seven to 10 years ago and are now industry leaders." The roaster is next door to the shop, "so you can smell it in the store." 503-230-7702;

Stephanie, Friday, 3-3-06 6:20 PM
re: March - Caffine Awareness Month
I thought every month was caffeine awareness month, or at least I'm doing my part.
Jason, Thursday, 3-9-06 11:26 PM
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