Directions to Mark and Lisa's
This is where the Wednesday Night group will be fed.
Map to Mark and Lisa's.

18368 NW Chemeketa Ln,
Portland, OR 97229

They are in Building #6 on the bottom floor. There is lots of guest parking - look for unmarked spots.
The driveway is just past the Albertsons complex on 185th and West Union.
See you at 6:30!
NOTE! I just noticed I didn't write down their appartment number! If anyone knows it, please reply to this message. Otherwise I will fill it in early this afternoon.
Annette, Tuesday, 5-9-06 9:28 PM
re: Directions to Mark and Lisa's
Our apartment number is 618. We have a pretty plaque on our door that says 618. If you are going to our apartment complex from 185th you will turn right at the Westridge Meadows sign. Then go straightish until you see the "SLOW kids at play" sign where you will turn left. Then turn right and park wherever you find an unnumbered spot. Our building number is 6. If you get confused and are cursing the day you ever tried to find Mark and Lisa's place give me a call at (503) 998-5176 and I'll stand outside and flail my arms.
Lisa, Wednesday, 5-10-06 1:37 PM
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