New ST:TOS episodes
Seems a group of trully obsessed fans with too much time, money, and personal charisma have been filming new episodes of Star Trek, picking up where the third season left off. It really rankles with some people, it seems, that the famous "5 year mission" was limited to only 3 back in '69.
The 51 minute episodes are downloadable for free from their site. (Actually, there's only one episode available right now - apprently there's a pilot but they haven't got the bandwidth to serve it. There are trailers and whatnot for a third episode.)
Anyway, I figure I'll pick up a few geek points in the not too distant future and watch it. I mean, can it really be worse than the originals? :)

Link: Star Trek New Voyages
ROUS  Annette Collins, Friday, 6-2-06 12:47 PM
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