Do you love your job.
A simple questionnaire to see if you love your job. My personal favorite:

"Does the building rumble whenever I smite the floor with my mighty trident?"
Zach, Saturday, 6-3-06 11:41 AM
re: Do you love your job.
Interesting, and fun. I read what the book was actually about on the link below. Otherwise, for me, it is like watching Spaceballs if you've never seen Star Wars... I don't have a best friend at work and I answer apathetically or negatively to almost all the questions, but I love my job. How is this possible? Incidentally, my store manager referenced this book in the follow up interview we had last week, so there was another reason to be interested. Thanks, Zach.
Link: Reference to the Original Twelve Questions and the
Katy, Saturday, 6-3-06 7:48 PM
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