Left Behind is now a video game
Sorry, link is to a video.
But should we laugh? Cry? Go out and buy it?
Link: Christian Video Game
Annette, Wednesday, 6-14-06 10:28 AM
re: Left Behind is now a video game
We should definitely cry. But if you can't cry, then you should sigh and forget about it. There's no need to buy the game.
David, Wednesday, 6-14-06 11:34 AM
re: Left Behind is now a video game
at least it's not another grand theft auto shoot police and old ladies game.
ben, Wednesday, 6-14-06 2:51 PM
re: Left Behind is now a video game
Apparently it's a real time strategy game---probably a lot like Command & Conquer or Red Alert. If the gameplay is good (i.e., if its a balanced and fun game), it may serve the purpose of good propaganda. Remember that most persuasion doesn't actually happen with words (and certainly not via logical arguments), but by shaping attitudes and perceptions (e.g., presenting members of group "X" as sympathethic and members of group "Y" as imbeciles, mendacious, or both :->). Such games are nothing if not repetitive, so any messages they might be carrying have ample opportunity to find purchase. This method is basically how network television influences the culture.
David C, Thursday, 6-15-06 10:04 AM
re: Left Behind is now a video game
I'm experiencing a resurgence of uncontainable feelings of apathy. God's ability to use trivia is beyond me. I'm sure some will just laugh and some will be genuinely intriqued and perhaps spend more time away from other mind-numbing trivia.
Katy, Thursday, 6-15-06 12:38 PM
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