Bring phones to Wed. Night
Beth has this fairly workable idea about using phones to play "murder in the dark" or some varient of said game. But everyone needs a (charged) phone to participate. Katy, how's acquiring a phone going? ;)
Annette, Monday, 7-3-06 11:04 AM
re: Bring phones to Wed. Night
I tried to steal one today but the kid was too fast for me. So I guess I'll have to just go back to my legal options. Thanks for your continued concern.
Katy, Monday, 7-3-06 5:07 PM
re: Bring phones to Wed. Night
I just find it kinda humorous that you two communicate by message post on the CE website. I mean, you do live about 30 feet apart, right?

Dan, Wednesday, 7-5-06 4:53 PM
re: Bring phones to Wed. Night
I'm not seeing the problem here.
ROUS  Annette Collins, Thursday, 7-6-06 3:51 PM
re: Bring phones to Wed. Night
Nor am I, but I do see the humor. Annette, check your e-mail. Ok. I'm done with the madness.

Katy, Thursday, 7-6-06 9:00 PM
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