Report: Everything Made in Sweatshops
I've suspected this for a long time now. This report simply confirms it.
So that I will no longer run the risk of violating anybody's human rights, I have decided to move to an underpopulated region of Montana or possibly North Dakota where I will live in a cave, catch fish from a brook with my bare hands, and possibly raise a few sheep.
Hmmm... clothing might possibly be a problem. Perhaps I should consider someplace nearer the equator.
Anyone like to join me?
Link: Everything made in sweatshops
Annette, Tuesday, 7-25-06 6:12 PM
re: Report: Everything Made in Sweatshops
This was fabulous! A little cynical, perhaps, but very funny.
Katy, Wednesday, 7-26-06 11:11 AM
re: Report: Everything Made in Sweatshops
Annette, you're a crafty person. I'm sure you can figure out how to make clothing out of animal skins. If you can't, I would recommend moving to a moderate place along a coastline.

Or just get used to the idea of using stuff made in sweatshops.
David, Wednesday, 7-26-06 11:39 AM
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