Another use for SUVs
I know that some of you have something against SUVs. Here's an instance of an SUV being used _very_ efficiently. It's actually quite environmentally friendly, plus all the people around get to appreciate it.
David, Friday, 8-4-06 11:07 AM
re: Another use for SUVs
Hehe that's pretty funny actually. Although I suppose I don't see any issue with SUVs as long as they're mostly used for any of the following:

1) Transporting 2 adults and 3 or more kids (particularly with carseats being required these days, there aren't really many other options besides the SUV and the minivan---when I was a kid, you could pile kids in the backs of station wagons or pickup trucks, but those days are long past :->)
2) Moving lots of stuff or towing boats/trucks/construction gear, or
3) Frequently driving in circumstances that make use of the SUV's moderately good offroad/bad road performance

If you consider fuel efficiency in terms of passenger-miles/gallon rather than just miles/gallon, a moment's reflection will show that an SUV transporting 2 adults and 3 children is more efficient than a Toyota Pious transporting just the driver :->

Of course its fair to say an awful lot of SUVs are usually not fitting any of those 3 use cases :->
David C, Friday, 8-4-06 2:47 PM
re: Another use for SUVs
I'm thinking that I could bake cookies in the window of my Contour just as easily as she did in her RAV4. Maybe I could only fit one tray in the front, but I'll bet you there's more room in my back window to accomodate cookie sheets. In fact, there's a chance I could do three at a time, making my little car even more efficient. :)
ROUS  Annette Collins, Friday, 8-4-06 4:08 PM
re: Another use for SUVs
but would you want to eat those cookies? cars are not made to be ovens and when the inside of your car heats up to 200+ degrees you will baking all of the toxic fumes from the degrading interior right into your cookies. think about the film on the inside of your windshield...mmmmmm....yummy!
ben, Friday, 8-4-06 6:06 PM
re: Another use for SUVs
A few toxins are good for you. Otherwise you'll never build up a resistance to them.
David, Saturday, 8-5-06 3:54 PM
re: Another use for SUVs
I take Ben's point, and might be concerned enough to act on it - were it not for the fact that we all *breathe* those toxins every day!
Annette, Saturday, 8-5-06 9:01 PM
re: Another use for SUVs
yes but you dont have to ingest them! you could get a power converter and plug in your mini ionic breeze. it's only a matter of time before someone tries to sue the auto industry for getting cancer... oops, just lost my get rich quick idea. back to the drawing board.
ben, Monday, 8-7-06 10:29 AM
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