Baby Got Book
here it is children. the best music video ever!
(the bible book rap)
Link: Baby Got Book
ben, Monday, 8-7-06 10:30 AM
re: Baby Got Book
This was terrible. I tried to watch it, and I appreciate the idea, but it was too painful to make it through the video. For those of you wondering, this link is not to the rap that Lisa does. Or, if it is, it is preceeded by something else that I couldn't make it through.
David, Monday, 8-7-06 12:29 PM
re: Baby Got Book
I'm on Ben's side here: that is the funniest thing I've seen in ages!

Think I'll go pick me up one o' those giant KJV's now...
ROUS  Annette Collins, Monday, 8-7-06 2:11 PM
re: Baby Got Book
Hehe I've seen this video before, it's a hoot :->
I've got one of those giant KJV's---maybe we can get you one next time we're at that Lake Oswego bookstore.

David C, Monday, 8-7-06 2:40 PM
re: Baby Got Book
we need to convice Lisa to get that math rap on camera. maybe at the next kareoke party...
ben, Wednesday, 8-9-06 1:53 PM
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