Celebrate this Special Day
I don't know how this escaped my attention before, but this is a special appreciation day. See the link below for details.
Link: http://www.msn.americangreetings.com/display.pd?bf
David, Wednesday, 9-6-06 11:18 AM
re: Celebrate this Special Day
If you guys (and especially you, Dave!) don't start signing your last initials, I'm going to start randomly generating new names for anyone who signs as one of you. Perhaps I'll use the Hobbit Name Generator, or the Gangster Name Generator (http://gangstaname.com/index.php), or the Pirate Name Generator (http://gangstaname.com/pirate_name.php) or the Harry Potter Name Generator (http://www.mess.be/harry-potter-names-male.php)
Link: Hobbit Name Generator
Hal, Wednesday, 9-6-06 12:09 PM
Who the Hay
Who the hay is Hal?
Ruby Hardbottle, Wednesday, 9-6-06 3:35 PM
re: Celebrate this Special Day
It's always obvious who is who as long as people are using their reasonable names. I'm always David. There is also a David C. That's never me.
David, Wednesday, 9-6-06 4:26 PM
re: Celebrate this Special Day
Don't foreget your Elf name!
Link: Link
Maeglin Nólatári, Friday, 9-8-06 12:33 PM
re: Celebrate this Special Day
those name generators are hillarious! i really like the gangsta one!
Fried Green Hoopti Rida, Friday, 9-8-06 12:40 PM
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