Random German Nonsense from Romania
I thought you might like this - take a look. I'll do a quick translation for you English speakers...

He's saying - "Oh, it's my fault! My car keys!
Link: Deutsch funny
Katy, Wednesday, 10-25-06 12:38 PM
re: Random German Nonsense from Romania
Wimmern, können Sie nicht die Deutschen für Stimmung gerade schlagen
ROUS  Annette Collins, Wednesday, 10-25-06 4:17 PM
re: Random German Nonsense from Romania
Wir haben Probleme mit der Uebersetzung deines Kommentars. Kannst du das bitte auf Englisch erklaeren? Danke, Annette.

Katy, Thursday, 10-26-06 2:41 AM
re: Random German Nonsense from Romania
Errr.... I think I said "Wow, you just can't beat the Germans for humor." ;)
For fun, it's highly entertaining to use Babel Fish to translate things out of English and then back in. Try it some time!
Link: Babel Fish
ROUS  Annette Collins, Friday, 10-27-06 10:55 AM
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