News from Alaska
And does it surprise you at all that Dave comes from here?

My favorite part, though, is that both candidates for the school board that 19 votes - that's a total of 38 votes cast for an election for a post with jurisdiction over about 50 students. I'll bet Oregon's never had such high turnout!
Link: Dead Woman Wins Election
ROUS  Annette Collins, Tuesday, 10-31-06 9:14 AM
re: News from Alaska
And does it surprise you that Annette is a product of Oregon's education system? In Alaska, our math indicates that 19 + 19 = 38.

That said, Alaska's political system really is humorous. I could tell you more stories, such as candidates who had never read their party's platform, etc.

And the population density is a bit low. Annette didn't mention that the school district that has 50 students stretches 600 miles.
David, Tuesday, 10-31-06 12:53 PM
re: News from Alaska
Way to go back and change your post Annette.
David, Tuesday, 10-31-06 1:07 PM
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