Vampires a mathematical impossibility
A physics professor addresses vampires from a mathematical perspective. However, he has several flaws in his argument. Reply to this post with the flaws you see.
David, Tuesday, 10-31-06 1:06 PM
re: Vampires a mathematical impossibility
vampires have no reflection. hence i didnt even try to look at the article. so therefore the article about vampires is invisible....
ben, Tuesday, 10-31-06 2:00 PM
re: Vampires a mathematical impossibility
Q1: Can a vampire feed off of another vampire? What about animals?
Q2: Can one non-vampire be fed off of multiple times? At first i thought I answered my own question (no, because after they're bitten, they become a vampire, see Q1) til i realized that there are ways to feed that aren't biting.
Q3: Are leeches vampires?
Q4: If you're bitten by a leech vampire, will you turn into a leech yourself?

silliness aside, the article does insinuate one valid point: once a vampire, always a vampire. it seems like the feeders would quickly outnumber the food, regardless of whether the food was "turned" or killed.

that's my 2 cents.
Christina, Tuesday, 11-21-06 5:03 PM
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