NYC Bans Trans-Fat
So much for that Big Mac and fries...
(Or did McDonald's already eliminate it?)

I love it when the government gets involved w/ what we eat. What's next? A law banning waiters from serving dessert to a "visbly overweight patron?"
Link: NYC Bans Trans-Fat in Restaurants
ROUS  Annette Collins, Tuesday, 12-5-06 4:31 PM
re: NYC Bans Trans-Fat
I suspect McDonald's has already eliminated it. While I'm no great fan of transfat, I suspect we'll see continuing increases in this sort of nannyism for one simple reason:

We've given everyone (Christian or otherwise) a financial interest in pretty much everyone else's health. So you can rationally expect that people will have rational incentives to want to ban unhealthy vices that they don't personally enjoy. Note that for me, saying an incentive is 'rational' is in no way a value judgment, just a prediction that it is likely to have fairly strong sway :->
David C, Wednesday, 12-6-06 12:50 PM
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