Flying South for the Winter
I never realized what a great concept this was. In Portland, there was snow / sleet frozen on my parents' lawn. Here in Florida it's about 70 at 10 am, and there are palm trees, flowers, and exotic birds (at least by OR standards) in evidence all around. It's a little muggy, but sunny. David's looking for an appropriate beach to visit, where we plan to stroll and/or nap for most of the afternoon. If only I hadn't finally caught that cold that's being passed around (thanks So much, Sarah!) everything would be quite perfect. Somehow I fail to be bothered much even by that...
Sorry my absence required that you sing those Christmas Carols by memory. I'll be back next Sunday - I confess it certainly Feels more like Christmas in OR.
Link: Weather in Florida
Annette, Monday, 12-18-06 7:57 AM
re: Flying South for the Winter
The problem is that at 10:00 a.m. it's already 70, and likely to get much hotter and muggier. In some conditions, the quality of life dives. I spent my time in Florida sitting in a pool - it was cool enough to survive.
David, Monday, 12-18-06 11:45 AM
re: Flying South for the Winter
Blame me!?! I was kind enough to stay away from everyone for the majority of my contagious period, I'm sure...
Lawson (the girl), Monday, 12-18-06 3:27 PM
re: Flying South for the Winter
I think Sarah's innocent. I was around Sarah more than Annette was, so if Sarah was at fault then I would be sick. Since I'm not, I think we can blame Annette's illness on Florida.
David, Tuesday, 12-19-06 11:54 AM
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