News from Alaska
This was posted by some friends of mine who still live in Alaska:
"note to all who wish to stop by:

being that our cicle has not been plowed in over a week, and the current daily accumulation is rapidly passing 6 inches with no plans of stopping, it is in your best interest that if you do come, to arrive via cross country skis, snowmachine, dogsled, snowshoe, kicksled, or perhaps skijor. otherwise you may end up like every other car attemping to enter here...stuck.
on the bright side, we are developing a killer sledding hill in the middle where the plow dumps the snow. so, yes, if you do come, bring a sled.

hope to see you soon."

Just thought people might be interested.
David, Saturday, 1-6-07 11:49 PM
re: News from Alaska
sounds like they are in colorado.
ben, Wednesday, 1-10-07 12:47 PM
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