Cosmic Crush
i feel like a galactic vacuum cleaner
christina, Tuesday, 1-23-07 12:38 PM
re: Cosmic Crush
Oh no, not another one. I've been playing that Dice / Risk game obsessively for three weeks. Even David is getting tired of it. No more new distractions! (at least I seriously suck at this one!)
Annette, Tuesday, 1-23-07 7:04 PM
re: Cosmic Crush
here's some hints:

the white boundary lines flip you around to the other side of the same board.

in the levels game, there are no lives. you will always return to the level when you died. in other words, if the boss is coming, you can let it go without much of a setback. hehe.
christina, Tuesday, 1-23-07 11:49 PM
re: Cosmic Crush
Thanks for helping me kill some time I might have otherwise wasted on message preparation . . .
ROUS  Dan Banham, Wednesday, 1-24-07 3:55 PM
re: Cosmic Crush
any time, my friend!
christina, Wednesday, 1-24-07 11:44 PM
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