Never know what's in your family tree
I apparently am descended from the inventor of the bicycle...
(Mom's maiden name was Lallement)

Link: Bicycle
ROUS  Annette Collins, Friday, 10-24-03 8:21 PM
But is it you...
The fact that your mom had a maiden name that matches someone else's name is no solid evidence that you're descended. Unless you know a family tree that links these, I won't credit your claim. *grin*

On a similar note, does anyone know of some good resources for tracking and building a family tree?
ROUS  David , Monday, 10-27-03 1:54 PM
I do, David
My dad has 2200 names (presumably all family) going back to the 15th century. (The only famous name in the lot is John Alden.) I'll find out what he's been using and get back to you.

I do know that he had some relatives about a hundred years ago who were Mormon, so he spent a lot of time at a local ward looking up geneologies.

Anonymous, Monday, 10-27-03 10:41 PM
Unfortunately, the Mormons are on the other branch of the family
My Mormon - or at least semi-mormon - relatives are on Dad's side, so I'm afraid I can't use them to track down the family tree. Oh well: Lallement is a pretty rare name (compared to Nelson, anyway!) so I'll content myself with a good solid "Probably" on the bicycle issue. More fun than researching it anyway!
Annette, Tuesday, 10-28-03 8:52 AM
We're almost family
I think John Alden is in my family tree also. I believe it is thru marriage to my biological Grandmother (my father was adopted by his mother's brother and wife. It gets pretty confusing.), she is married to a John Alden, whom is a descendant from the one you are referring to. My parents told me they also have traced back relatives to the Mayflower. I don't know how though, and I would be interested in seeing my family tree traced all the way back that far.
Angie, Tuesday, 10-28-03 10:22 AM
Some web sites
As I remember, my dad started by getting a super-cool family tree program for the computer. For a while, everytime we saw him he was giving us a new printout of a tree, formatted in a new and exciting way, often times with the info specs altered.

As soon as he had the software, he sent out letters to every relative he could think of asking for detailed information about as many family members as anyone knew. A cool result of that was that it prompted conversation with relatives he hadn't spoken to in years.

As soon as info started coming in, he began to try to research that info, usually on the internet, but also in newspaper archives, phone interviews, government records, and the Mormon church. I asked him for some good internet sources and here are some sites he suggested: (This is the Mormon Church.) (He said this is a good place to get started)

ROUS  Doug Miller, Sunday, 11-9-03 4:53 PM
A few more
ROUS  Doug Miller, Sunday, 11-9-03 5:02 PM
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